MC Helper

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MC Helper is an extraordinary reference guide for the constantly evolving game of Minecraft. With more than 15 video guides, a comprehensive list of 500+ data values, and every crafting recipe, there is enough information for even experienced Minecraft players to use MC Helper as a resource. Use MC Helper as a companion app to learn more about various Minecraft materials including achievements, biomes, blocks, commands, crafting recipes, and mobs. We have even added YouTube video links to the block, crafting and mob pages to further assist you with Minecraft.

│MC Helper is compatible with Minecraft for all platforms.│

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“Lets hand it to the team who created this app. After all, they have gone up against many other teams and die-hards. All of which have had a good go at making the ultimate Minecraft app. Yet none have made such an app with so many crafting recipes or with so many player inputs and other strategic pieces of information at an easy to understand touch of a button. This app has everything you need for any level of player. Old or new to the game, this app will help anyone through almost every encounter within the game. Trust me, I’ve had more than a few apps for Minecraft and none have gripped me or helped me more than this one.”

 — Lewis, Windows Phone Owner